Dynamic Eggs

Pasture raised egg production and fresh pasta all year round. Dynamic Eggs is home to over 5,000 chooks which are given the freedom to roam on grass paddocks during the day under the watchful eye of Maremma sheepdogs, before returning to their mobile sheds after dark. Dynamic eggs pasture raised production is free range ethical farming at its best.

Using very minimal ingredients and utilising their out of grade eggs, beautiful fresh pasta is created, with varied shapes and flavours, the flavour combinations are endless. Taste Dynamic Eggs fresh pasta at Beaches Restaurant Rosslyn Bay with their beautifully created Local moringa seafood spaghetti on the menu or buy it for yourself at the Saturday Community Markets. Taste the difference fresh can make!

Where to buy:

Woolworths Yeppoon, REKO Yeppoon, Mick’s Meats, Berry Good Produce, Yeppoon IGA and Yeppoon Community Market

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