Woodvale Park Biodynamics

Woodvale Park Biodynamics is situated on the fertile soils of Adelaide Park, 16km from Yeppoon’s CBD. With decades of experience, Ken Mason owner, is a true source of knowledge when it comes it all things sustainable, working with mother nature and Biodynamics. Ken started out on the family farm where they grew crops conventionally before moving into biodynamics where he found his passion in the agricultural space. Biodynamic methods are considered a form of Organic farming but biodynamic farming expands on organic’s sustainable and natural approach with a holistic, single organism school of thought. The concept is as the word itself would suggest; a combination of biological and dynamic practices, ‘bio’ mean life and ‘dyn’ meaning force. Biodynamic is often described as having six principles; plant diversity, crop rotation, animal life, composting, homeopathic solutions and life forces. When we look after mother nature, she looks after us. Taste the difference of biodynamic produce and support one of the Capricorn Coast’s most knowledgeable farmers.

Where to buy:

REKO Yeppoon, Saturday Community Markets

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