High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm

An ever evolving, self-sustaining community model nurturing love and joy in harmony with nature for the greater good of all, is how you would best describe High Valley Dawn. With an established 2 acre market garden which bears precious seasonal produce and a 2 acre food forest that provides over 50 different varieties of fruit, vegetables, roots, leaves and herbs with a special emphasis on tropical Australian natives and bush tucker. Along with their own cattle, pigs, ducks, chooks, sheep and horses, the beautiful seasonal produce provides their very own restaurant – Beaches Restaurant with a colourful supply of fresh goodies ready to tantalize your tastebuds. A regenerative, close loop system that utilises the restaurants food scraps for compost to create fertile, nutrient dense soil for future crops.

Book a Sunday Farm Tour with owner Ross to get an introduction to Permaculture and experience the magic that is High Valley Dawn. Walk through the food forest, come face to face with the animals and get an insight into some of the most sustainable innovative features of the farm like the natural desalination plant, the powerless cold room, upcycled house and mud brick pizza oven. Learn how to work in harmony with mother nature for the future of our planet.

Where to buy:

Available to taste at Beaches Restaurant Rosslyn Bay




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