Middle Earth Organics

This unique farm gate consists of microwaves turned treasure chests, full of exotic dehydrated fruit, rosella teas, cordials, jams, chutneys and dessert fruit all grown with love from Middle Earth Organics.

Ever tasted the black sapote or, as the locals call it chocolate pudding fruit, soursop, sapodillas or kwai muck? Well, if you are lucky and the locals haven’t raided the treasure, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Go beyond the gate and stay awhile amongst the tranquil Byfield rainforest with camping offered at their Byfield Camp Stay. The area is home to an impressive array of flora and fauna. The unique Byfield fern, the great imperial fruit dove, wallabies, brumbies, bush turkeys and reptiles are some of the sights and sounds that you can expect when visiting Byfield Camp Stay. The campground has quirky but functional amenities, drinking water and fires are permitted. Dogs also welcome.

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