Bluegum Springs

Bluegum Springs, owned and operated by Bruce and Sharyn Sloper, is a custard apple farm situated in Adelaide Park. You can taste the decades of experience, expertise, passion and care that has gone into growing these fruits when you buy from Bluegum Springs. Bruce, former president of the Custard Apple Industry Association for 15 years, knows just about everything there is to when it comes to growing custard apples. His new company, Plant Genetics Australia is in the early stages of developing new red skinned variety of custard apple which boasts a smooth skin, more flesh, and less seeds. Bruce believes this new variety will be popular in the Asian export market.

Bruce explains that the best way to eat a custard apple is to ripen at room temperature until soft and then chill and enjoy as is or even stirred through curries right before serving.

Where to buy:

IGA Yeppoon and the Saturday Community Markets.

Check the Seasonal Calendar for an idea of the season

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