Waterfront Seafood Bar and Grill

Where the reef meets the beef and the standout flavors of the Capricorn coast come together in one waterfront restaurant. Waterfront Seafood Bar and Grill, serves up some of the finest beef and scrumptious seafood fresh from the ocean, truly speaking to the flavors of the Capricorn Coast. Located in the heart of Yeppoon and surrounded by breathtaking views of the Yeppoon foreshore and the Keppel Islands, Waterfront Seafood Bar and Grill is the perfect spot to take in the sounds, sights and taste of the Capricorn Coast.

Must Try Dish:

  • Local Mud Crab, served cold or with chilli
  • Seafood linguine, chef’s selection of seafood, tossed through al dente linguine with fresh chilli, garlic and olive oil

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