Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves is a multi-generational family owned attraction located 23km north of Rockhampton and just minutes off the Pacific Coast Way. Accessible walkways and ramps allow you to experience the breathtaking acoustics in the Cathedral Cave on the hourly tour. The intimate Capricorn Explorer and Capricorn Adventurer tours allows further exploration with breath-taking views from the summit and a true bucket-list experience. As an Advanced Ecotourism attraction Capricorn Caves is a home to an abundance of native wildlife, on site plant nursery, native bee hives and endangered species which you can discover on tour. Experienced local guides deliver the captivating stories of this ancient limestone caves on small-scale interpretive tours.

While you’re there be sure to pick up some locally stocked goodies with local honey, coffee, oils and chutneys available at the kiosk.

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